• Kinema is a cutting-edge organization, able to provide high-tech solutions. The company also offers tailor-made solutions, designed to meet the needs of each individual customer.

  • The extraordinary qualities of our design department together with our extensive experience in a wide range of applications have led us to develop three highly competitive products: Exact, Synth and Simula.

  • Choosing Kinema means fast solutions, reliability and the most advanced information technology for your business.

  • Kinema has established business agreements with many leading companies such as Mitsubishi, Delta and Beckhoff and is able to offer its customers a range of complete and customized systems and supplies.

Kinema Exact is a superior performance Soft CNC system. Speed and flexibility make this system powerful and versatile, able to operate on both industrial and office computers. The CNC is fully interfaced using external programs in an advanced multi-client architecture to offer all our customers full control and tracking of the machine.

Kinema Synth is a very modern and advanced ISO dashboard software. It works in close connection with the CNC and enables the machine to be managed, controlled and monitored continuously. The intuitive interface is ideal for a variety of applications. The 3D graphics are part of its core and allow you to monitor in real time everything the machine is doing and everything it will do.

Kinema Simula is a software program designed to faithfully reproduce the movements of the machine tools during production, providing detailed analysis, execution times and possible mechanical collisions. Thanks to the powerful real time game engine, the software can work on any computer of the latest generation, without needing to connect to the NC and/or the machine.


It is perhaps the characteristic which best describes Kinema. We are a young and dynamic company, always able to provide solutions and help our customers in a timely manner. Speed is also at the root of the efficient and extreme performance of our products.


More than twenty years of experience in a wide range of industrial automation sectors and continuous growth has allowed us to consistently evolve and personalize our products. These qualities guarantee the best reliability for our customers.

Information technology

An innovative IT approach to problems in industrial automation has always been one of our strengths. The adoption of a script language for numerical control programming as well as the massive use of three-dimensional graphics have proved to be original and successful solutions.


Kinema offers its customers complete solutions, integrating its own products with those of partners consolidated over years of work and focusing on elements ensuring economic advantages and high quality.

In particular: numerical controls and PLCs, expansions and couplers, drivers and engines, industrial PCs and electromechanical products used at best in qualified projects, all of which offer a competitive system with immediate advantages.


Kinema offers its customers services for the development of innovative and tailor-made solutions covering all stages of industrial manufacturing. The quality and professionalism of the services offered make us an ideal partner for those who aspire to develop innovative solutions for their business. Quick assistance to customers, continued development and use of the most advanced information technologies represent our commitment to achieving our Customers’ utmost satisfaction.

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