Kinema Smula is an advanced three-dimensional machine tool simulator able to predict and faithfully reproduce all the movements the machine will perform during its execution.

A software with a superior graphic configuration allowing the customer to choose the personalized level of detail, satisfying all graphic and simulation needs.

The complete virtual reconstruction of machine tools makes it possible to reproduce all aspects and phases of production so as to have a detailed analysis of the results, execution times and any possible problems.

Kinema Smula is driven by a powerful real time game engine and can work on any computer of the latest generation, without having to connect to any NC and/or machine tool.

The system uses the same programming language as the NC. A considerable advantage for the company since it makes it possible to:

  • Off-line machine cycle testing (in the office) without requiring computer-connected hardware
  • Off-line machine program testing
  • Off-line machine software development
  • Improvements and changes to the machine cycle automatically switching back and forth between the machine and the simulator

This fundamental aspect makes it possible to update and configure the simulator according to the natural improvements, speeding up or changing of the machine’s production cycle.

Technical Specifications

  • OpenGL rendering engine
  • Real time game engine
  • Faithful reproduction of the machine
  • Detection of mechanical collisions
  • Possibility of increasing up to 48 times the execution speed of a program for an accelerated analysis of machine movements and execution times
  • PLC cycle identical to that of the control
  • Script Programming

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