Our hardware

  • Design and production of multilevel electronic boards starting with function specifications
  • Release of files in gerber and ODB++ format for the production of electronic boards
  • Drawing up of the electrical diagrams in electronic formats
  • Custom libraries created for non general purpose electronic components
  • Evaluation of the electrical power consumption so as to provide the correct sizing of any possible thermal heat sinks
  • Multi-layered layout with the possibility of defining controlled impedance, mechanical constraints and interfacing with third-party boards
  • Development of code in VHDL/Verilog format for programming FPGA components
  • Functional simulation for VHDL projects

Our integrations

Kinema offers its customers complete solutions, integrating its own products with those of partners consolidated over years of work and focusing on elements ensuring economic advantages and high quality.
In particular: numerical controls and PLCs, expansions and couplers, drivers and engines, industrial PCs and electromechanical products used at best in qualified projects, all of which offer a competitive system with immediate advantages.

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