Kinema Exact is a Soft CNC system, based on Personal Computers. This ensures superior performance, guaranteed by both the speed of the PC platforms as well as by its flexibility due to the fact that the system benefits from the continuous evolution of these platforms.

A versatile system, able to operate on both industrial PCs and Office PCs. It provides a complete ISO control, equipped with highly advanced axis motion algorithms (differential kinematics) and programmable with powerful structured languages (Lua script, ST). It supports the use of class libraries and functions which make it possible to completely reuse the developed code.

The CNC can be fully interfaced by external programs in an advanced multi-client architecture. This gives all our customers the opportunity of developing their own applications while communicating with the CNC, thereby making it possible to control what the machine is doing and to see what it is going to do. Communicating with the control can be done either locally or remotely via a TCP/IP interface.

Kinema Exact supports the following digital buses:

  • Mitsubishi SSCNET III and SSCNET III/H
  • EtherCat
  • CANOpen

With the help of standard external modules (EtherCat or CANOpen), Kinema Exact is able to control both analog and stepper drives.

Technical Specifications

Kinema numerical control on PC base consisting of:

  • Numerical Control on Personal Computer platforms entirely based on real time 32/64 bit software
  • Advanced axis management with multi-channel interpolation, dynamic queueing movements, and linear, trapezoidal and simple ramps. Complete dynamic control of axis parameters and PLC integration
  • Virtual axes and gantry axes with variable ratio on the fly
  • Advanced interpolations, developed in differential kinematics, supporting natively a large number of machine types (pantographs, 5-axis machines, delta robots, …)
  • Single, crossed and flat linearity correctors. Mechanical compensations
  • Native ISO interpreter, fully customizable. All standard calls may be overloaded as well as defining personalized G/M/T codes
  • Plc programming with high-level multitasking script language and real time debugger
  • IEC1131 (ST) language support
  • Advanced diagnostics with a 1-year event log without a limit to the number of records, realtime diagnostics, input/output status, integrated oscilloscope
  • Event timeout management and dynamic messaging in function of machine status
  • Remote assistance integrated in the system making it possible to analyze malfunctions and/or modify the PLC without requiring the presence of an operator
  • Complete access for interfacing with external software. Personalized dashboards, serial drivers, barcode readers, production reports…
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