Kinema Synth is a very modern and advanced ISO dashboard software system. It works in close collaboration with the CNC and makes it possible to control and monitor the machine continuously.

Thanks to its exceptional configurability, this software is able to be adapted easily and quickly to all areas of application.

Being able to design customized forms, all users are guaranteed the possibility of “building” their own personalized program; a one-time chance of increasing efficiency and performance.

In designing this application, Kinema has paid particular attention to the ergonomic aspect since this kind of application is the most important and decisive factor. All information is displayed in a very clear and legible manner, and all controls are extremely simple and intuitive. Everything is completed and enhanced by the particularly straightforward and effective graphics.

The highly innovative IT approach is the core of this product using the most up-to-date computerized technologies.

Thanks to the wide use of three-dimensional graphics, it is possible to immediately and intuitively understand what the machine is doing and will do. The application is largely accessible via the web. All the data can be read through Web applications and may also give commands (obviously under controlled conditions).

Technical Specifications

  • Edit/debug ISO program
  • Instant help with ISO instructions
  • Fully configurable machine parameter display
  • 3D graphic display of the piece being machined
  • Visualization of the iso instruction in execution
  • Manual axis movements and manual activation of all automated devices
  • Fully configurable machine and tool parameters
  • Web interface with machine data
  • Internationalization Management
  • Management of access levels

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