The website offers visitors a simpler, more intuitive and functional browsing experience, thanks to the improved clarity of the contents and the faster loading time.

In addition to the “about us” and “products” pages, we also have “systems”, Kinema’s strategic area. Consulting the services section of the “systems” submenu, you’ ll find a clear summary of our specializations, followed by our “recommended” or ” ready-to-use” solutions where, in addition to our Exact hardware and our Exact, Synth and Simula software, you’ll find products from our partners, the best international brands, and with whom we have strategic and stable agreements.

For us, whose corporate mission is to work with creativity and method, it is essential to be present online with complete and in-depth content about our work and everything we can offer you. Not just a ‘new website’ but a sign of presence and cooperation, with our customers, our programmers and partners.

Hoping we’ve provided our customers with a better service, we look forward to welcoming you. Come and take a look at our website and be sure to come back in the coming months to see what’s new.

Maurizio Mottarella, Managing Director at Kinema Ast